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🤑 Latest Deals, Tips and Other Finds from All the Hacks (9/22)

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👋 Hi Reader,

I hope you all had an amazing summer! We just got back from an amazing long weekend in Colorado and are really looking forward to a family Hawaii trip next month. Now this week, instead of my regular newsletter, I wanted to send out some of my top finds from the past few weeks, grouped into these sections:

  • 🛫 Travel, Points & Miles
  • 🤑 Latest Deals
  • 🕵️ Other Great Finds

This email is jam-packed with over a dozen great updates, services, deals and more, so I really hope you enjoy it. And thanks in advance to anyone who forwards it along to someone you think might enjoy it too!

🛫 Travel, Points & Miles

🔍 Free Trial Searches

One of my favorite Award Search Tools ( is now letting all new users to explore their services for free! You can now enjoy three complimentary searches on before committing to a subscription or membership. If you do decide to sign up, you can get your first full month of the standard plan for $1 with the code HACKS.

💳 90,000 Miles with Capital One Venture X

Thanks to mehjoo_ on Reddit, I came across an increased 90,000 mile welcome offer for the Capital One Venture X card. This deal is not through one of our partners, but I always want you to get the best signup bonuses possible (even if it’s not through our links), so you can check that deal out here.

😭 Delta SkyMiles Program Changes

Delta made some pretty disappointing changes to their elite program, essentially redesigning it to focus on rewarding those who spend the most with Delta. The only real silver lining is that if you do already spend tens of thousands on Delta each year, you’re far more likely to get upgraded, because there will be a lot fewer Delta elite’s in 2025.

💳 The Platinum Card® from American Express

I have three updates on the Platinum Card:

150,000 Points on CardMatch

There’s been a lot of reports of people getting a 150,000 point welcome bonus on The Platinum Card® from American Express that is exclusive to CardMatch. If you’re interested you should check CardMatch to see if you are matched with the new 150k offer.

Limited Delta Lounge Access

In sad news for Platinum cardholders, they recently announced that Delta will limit cardholders to just six annual SkyClub visits starting Feb. 1, 2025. You can read more about it here.

Digital Entertainment Credit

Platinum cardholders get a $20/month Digital Entertainment Credit, which perfectly covered the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Premium Trio. However, it’s going up to $24.99/mo next month, if you are doing this now and want to avoid the $5/mo cost, you’ll need to downgrade to the Trio Basic (with ads) for $14.99/mo or the Duo Premium (no ads, but also no ESPN+) for $19.99/mo (which is what we’re doing).

🛒 Chase Freedom Q4 Bonus Categories

If you have a Freedom or Freedom Flex card, don’t forget to register here to activate 5x points on up to $1,500 spent on PayPal, wholesale clubs and select charities in Q4.

💳 150,000 Miles with Capital One Venture X Business

Capital One has launched the Capital One Venture X Business card with a massive welcome offer of 150,000 bonus miles when you spend $30,000 in the first 3 months. You'll also earn 2x points on the $30,000 of spend, so if you can make that work, you'd end up with a total of 210,000 miles, which is pretty incredible.

💳 90k Sign Up Bonus on 2 No-Fee Biz Cards

Two top small business card offers just got even better: 90,000 points each on cards with no annual fee and pretty easy approval. You could potentially get both and 180,000 points. While the bonus is marketed as $900 cash back, it's earned as points that can be combined with your existing points from personal cards in the same rewards program.

Card #1: Link to 90,000 Points Offer

Card #2: Link to 90,000 Points Offer

(Note: For compliance reasons, we can't name the bank or card name in this email. Simply click through to learn those details. And thanks for using my links to support me and All the Hacks!)

💺 Better Airline Seat Maps with aeroLOPA

When it comes to looking at the seat maps on future flights, SeatGuru used to be awesome, but it doesn’t seem to get updated as much anymore. I recently came across this site called aeroLOPA which has pretty cool seat maps.

🤑 Latest Deals

🍽️ $375 of inKind Dining Credit for $100

First off, if you're unfamiliar (like I was), inKind is an app that let's you pay your bill at >1,000 restaurants, bars, and cafes across the US. When I looked in the Bay Area there were enough spots I enjoy to make it worth checking out. And right now, if you have the Chase offer available to you and sign up with a referral link, you'll be able to get $375 worth of dining credit for only $100.

So here's how it works:

  1. Check if you have the Chase offer for $150 back on $250 with inKind (expires 9/27)
  2. Sign up using a referral link to get a free $25 to use on a dine of $50 or more (my referral link is here)
  3. Skip all offers during signup and use this link to purchase $350 in inKind credit for $250. If that link stops working, then you could use the link in the app to purchase $300 of credit for $250 or $259, which is still a pretty good deal.
  4. There is also an Amex offer to get $100 off the inKind Pass, which is a $100/year membership that earns you 20% back on spend with inKind. It won't stack with the credits purchased above, but it ends up being free if you have the offer, so why not.

inKind credits don't expire for 3 years, so I just did all 4 steps above and am excited to spend this credit (likely at Beretta or Tacolicious).

👩🏽‍🍳 60% and 15% off Green Chef (Combinable)

Amy and I are on our 11th week of cooking dinners with Green Chef and we couldn't be happier. The food has been so good, and we love that it makes eating well so easy. And to be clear, despite that they became a sponsor of the podcast, we aren't getting any discounts and are happy to pay full price each week, because we enjoy it that much.

Green Chef is not only offering All the Hacks subscribers is 60% off your first order, but also, there's a Chase offer right now for 15% off that you can use at the same time. Together they bring the total cost for 3 dinners for 4 people down to $51, which is amazing. Let me know what you think if you try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

💸 More Chase & Amex Offers

Including the deals above, I had over 300 Chase and AMEX offers linked to my cards, so I thought I’d share the most interesting/relevant ones I found looking through them last night (with expiration dates following each). Note that these deals can be different for every card and cardholder, so I can’t promise that you’ll see them all, but if you want to make sure you have all of them added to your cards automatically, you need to check out CardPointers+ (and you can get 30% off here).



🕵️ Other Great Finds

Here's a few sites, products, services and articles I’ve come across recently that you might enjoy checking out.

💲 Selling I Bonds

If you purchased I Bonds from 2021 to 2023, you might be asking yourself, "When is the best time to cash them out?". I found this site very helpful to figure out the right time to cash out now that interest rates have dropped.

🧑‍⚕ Pediatricians on Demand

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s only a matter of days before they’re sick again. Two apps we’ve used to make it easier to get a hold of a doctor 24/7 who can also write a prescription:

  • Summer Health: Text-only, but in our experience we got connected much faster.
  • Blueberry: Phone and text, but we had to wait longer.

📩 Ready to Send

One of our listeners, Brad, created a Gmail productivity tool called Ready to Send that uses AI to draft email replies, as if you had a personal inbox assistant.

📺 The Economics of Airline Class

Despite being 6 years old, this video about the economics of different airline classes was a great re-watch from one of my favorite YouTube channels (Wendover Productions).

video preview

🎟️ Join Me at NasSummit in LA on 10/7

I'm speaking at the Nas Summit in Los Angeles this year and I have 20 free tickets that I'd like to offer subscribers as a thank you for supporting me and All the Hacks. I'd love to meet you in person, so please click here if you can make it! Only requirement is that you actually need to attend.

💭 Parting Thoughts

I'm trying something different with these deal emails, so please let me know what you think by clicking one of the two links below:

I Like It | I Don't Like It

Thanks so much for reading!


Thanks to our partners today: MileValue, Awayz, Green Chef and

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