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💵 All the Hacks Latest Deals - Friday 4/28

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Hi all👋! I’d considered sending this latest deals email separately from the regular newsletter for a few months, because sometimes there are deals worth sharing on a day I don’t have the regular newsletter ready. And some weeks I have a regular newsletter but there aren’t any deals to share. But then as I was adding the deals below to my Italy email, I got this warning:

So I decided to split them out today so I didn’t have to delete any content or have the email get cut off half way through. I’m very curious what you think about splitting the emails apart, so please reply to this email and let me know what you think! And if you like this, please feel free to share with anyone else you might think will enjoy it!


🔜 Bilt 100% Transfer Bonus to Flying Blue on May 1st

For the past few months Bilt has been offering a bunch of perks each “Rent Day” (the 1st of the month). In addition to doubling their earning multiples to 6x dining and 4x travel, they’ve experimented with a few elevated transfer bonuses and the May 1st one is the best I’ve ever seen. On that day only if you transfer Bilt points to Air France / KLM’s Flying Blue, they’ll double your points. If you have Bilt Points and a trip you want to take, this might be the time to book it. In fact, if you couple this bonus with Flying Blue’s May Promos you could book a trip to Europe for as little as 6,000 miles each way.

💳 Two Great Signup Bonuses

There are currently two new signup bonuses I wanted to share:

  • The Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus is back up to 80,000 points when you apply online, which is an awesome bonus if you’re eligible. However, the bonus is even higher (90,000 points) if you apply in a Chase branch, so I’d recommend doing that if one is nearby. However, if you’d prefer to do it online, I’d obviously appreciate you using my link. Note that to be eligible you need to make sure you meet all the rules for Sapphire bonuses.
  • The Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Card has one of the best bonuses I’ve seen for a while at 75,000 miles. Since AA isn’t a transfer partner of Amex, Chase, Citi or CapitalOne, their miles are notoriously hard to come by, so if you’ve been trying to rack some up, this is one of your best opportunities. You can learn more here.

🍽️ Bilt Rewards 5x Points on Dining (No Bilt Card Necessary)

Bilt has launched a free Dining Rewards program that let’s you earn 5x points at a ton of great restaurants when you link your credit card (which doesn’t have to be a Bilt card). Right now the restaurants are limited to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Dallas, but I expect this list to grow in the future.

💳 5x Amazon/Whole Foods/Lowe’s with Chase Freedom

If you have a Chase Freedom or Freedom Flex, until June 30th you can earn 5x points at Amazon, Whole Foods (Chase recently confirmed this) and Lowe’s on up to $1,500 of spend. For Amazon, that includes Gift Cards and Balance Reloads, so you might be able to take advantage now, for purchases you’d make in the future. You can activate your 5x bonus at

💆 Free Airport Spa Treatments with PriorityPass

If you have a PriorityPass membership through Amex or CapitalOne (but not Chase), they’ve just added 15 airport “Be Relax” spas to their list of “lounges” where you’ll be able to get a free 10-30 minute treatment. More details here.

🤑 Member Deal: 50% Off CardPointers Pro

When I launched the All the Hacks membership, my goal was to build a community of people who wanted to live an upgraded and optimized life without needing to spend a fortune. As part of that I wanted to offer a set of the best deals I could find with brands I love. The first deal we offered was 50% off Trust & Will, the service Amy and I use to create/manage our families Estate Plan/Will and we now have our second deal: 50% off CardPointers, my favorite app for tracking/managing your credit cards and auto-enrolling in all the shopping offers their issues have. You can already get 30% off just for being subscriber to this email, but if you want to join the All the Hacks community and get 50% off CardPointers Pro, you can learn more and join here.

But don’t worry, this newsletter and the podcast aren’t going anywhere, so I’ll keep those coming whether you’re a member or not. And please know that I don’t want you to ever feel pressured to join, in fact, my goal it’s to build up a set of benefits for members that’s so compelling you’ll feel like it was the deal of the year :)

💭 Parting Thoughts

Again, let me know what you think about sending this email separately from the main one. In the future, I don’t expect them to come on the same day, but sometimes it just happens that way.


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